Find The Perfect Virtual Reality Headset For Your Phone

A virtual reality headset is one of those inventions you will always be thankful for. It helps you transform into the virtual world in no time. The gaming world you are so in love with and spend most of your time in, can be experience more closer once you wear these headsets. These are simple to use, compatible with multiple devices and very effective too.

Getting the best VR headset for desktop PC is not very easy as you will have too many such devices to choose from. Many different manufacturers are coming up with different models, with competing features and prices. Here are some of the best VR headsets for you to consider.

Homido VR

This is one headset you should own if you are keen on using VR headsets with you r smartphone. You don’t have to necessarily own a gaming device like an Xbox to experience the thrill and joy of the virtual reality world.

This headset from Homido works with most of the phones in the market today. You can customize the vision by adjusting the focal length, hence even if you have vision related issues, you can adjust accordingly and use this headset.

However, this is not one of the lightest headsets in the market. Wearing it for a long time can cause physical discomfort or pain in areas where the headset comes in contact with you. The padding around the nose area is not very good either. This VR headset is probably not a suitable option if you are looking for a model that you can wear for a prolonged period of time.

Oculus Rift

This device can really make you forget the reality and get you immersed in the virtual world. The low latency period is one of the main factors that make it such a great VR headset. Now you can not only play a game but also enjoy your favorite movie.

This headset comes with touch controllers that can be held in your hand easily. You don’t have to hold your controller like a game console. You have separate controllers for each hand, thus enabling you to use it like an extension of your hands. The designing of both the headset and the hand controllers have so many details and are designed to encourage using it for longer hours.

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Show-off war: Samsung Gear better than HTC?

Apart from the Oculus and Homido, you even have Samsung and HTC competing for a viable market share in the VR headset industry. Both these devices can be used with your smartphones however, the visuals provided by Samsung is not as great as the ones provided by Vive. Though Samsung is lighter and cheaper, the virtual reality experience is also on the lower side.

However if you own a Samsung phone and are not keen on spending too much on a VR headset, the Samsung Gear is a great choice. It is both user friendly and pocket friendly.

These VR headsets are meant to enhance you digital world experience. Be it a game or a movie, you can experience it up close and the images will follow every single movement of yours. It is meant to provide you with an experience that is as good as a real world experience.