The 3 Best Kitchen Gadgets One Must Own

Furnishing a new kitchen is a huge challenge, when one wants to invest wisely. Some of the thoughts that lingers while planning kitchen are “I want to spend less on Kitchen Appliance”,”I want best looking appliance”, “Appliance should fit the kitchen”, “ I must own kitchen gadgets that last long!”. We can say that there are 3 perfect kitchen appliances that make a perfect companion to one another to cook anything and everything.

Best Kitchen Gadgets:

We can say when one possesses these three appliances, we can even arrange for a party without second thoughts. One can handle parties that caters 50 people without much stressful work..The three best kitchen gadgets apart from stove and oven are as follows.

* Instant POT IP – LUX60-Pressure Cooker

* KitchenAid ARTISAN Mixer

* Breville JE98XL juicer 850

Instant POT IP – LUX60-Pressure Cooker

An Instant Pot, one of the best modern invention for an overly busy woman who needs to prepare food for the family as well as meet her tight deadline at office. For people who are time crunched to cook meals for the family, the instant pot solves their problem by cooking instantly. This comes with the lot of features that are programmed automatically. It also allows one to cook different types of cooking like slow cooking, steaming, pressure cooking rice, sautéing vegetables and also for making soups.

The Instant POT IP / LUX60 model also comes with an option to keep the food war after cooked for almost 10 hours. With well planning, we can come home and serve the food immediately to the family making the rest of the evening stress free and relaxed. The sleek design also perfectly fits the space constraint kitchen.

Some of the excellent features are swift cooking with almost 26 times faster than other gadgets, eco-friendly by saving the energy spent along with the perfectly tasting dishes by preserving the natural taste and color of the ingredients.

KitchenAid ARTISAN Mixer

The KitchenAid Artisan Mixer is synonymous to stand mixer, as its perfect mixer for the professional as well as home baking. The Artisan mixer is equipped with the powerful motor can handle maximum capacity. This also comes with a wide range of attachment that can be attached according to our requirement.

This artisan mixer is of high quality, that can be perfect for bread dough mixing, cookie dough and even the best meringues can be achieved with their whisk attachment. In short , it can be described as ARTISAN MIXER HQ: Kitchenaid: best price online is said to be one of the bestselling and sought after wedding gift.

Breville JE98XL juicer 850 watt:

In today’s hectic world, people find almost no time to exercise or to take care of health. The health and exercise are always the least prioritized task, but they are essential things to lead a healthy life. Even though we don’t exercise regularly, it’s a good idea to have a healthy diet.

The processed foods occupy the major part of the diet, as the home cooked regular meals are time consuming. The best solution is the Breville juicer [JE98XL], that helps us to make the healthy smoothies. The powerful motor and the large chutes are its best features that requires a very minimal chopping of the fruits to achieve the wonderful yet healthy smoothies.